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STEM Crisis

The demand for high quality math and science teachers continues to go unmet; it is currently estimated that about 3,000 new math and science teachers are needed in California alone every year.


We empower STEM professionals to transform public education by teaching in high needs schools.

EnCorps Solution

We are a nonprofit that trains and supports STEM professionals, military veterans, and retirees in California as they explore a career transition to teaching. Serving high need communities since 2007, we address the pervasive and complex issues of STEM literacy, workforce development, and effective teacher preparation.

The EnCorps career pathway is a gradual approach that includes a volunteer pre-service component: tutoring and/or guest teaching in high-need schools and after-school programs. Fellows are matched with an EnCorps partner school and commit to 2-5 hours per week. In their tutoring experience, Fellows work directly with individual or small groups of students who need assistance in their academic studies. During guest teaching, Fellows are matched with a mentor teacher for observation, small group work and the opportunity to design and deliver their own lessons.

Along with the experience tutoring or guest teaching in schools, Fellows work with an experienced mentor teacher and are supported by EnCorps Program Directors. Following pre-service Fellows decide on an EnCorps track of volunteering or full time (paid) teaching.

EnCorps provides study materials for such exams as the CSET, credentialing resources and research for those Fellows who decide to pursue teaching as a career. In addition, EnCorps has been able to provide scholarship and professional development award opportunities and connect our Fellows with school and district partners for full time teaching opportunities.

EnCorps offers a robust slate of professional development, including in person and online sessions. Fellows share their experience, ideas, support and best practices with a cohort of peers. Fellows and alumni build a sense of community and camaraderie through online platforms, observations and social events.

Program Pathways

EnCorps is a two year commitment, commencing in June at Summer Residential Institute or in January for Fellows who opt to begin mid-year. During the first academic semester, Fellows engage in pre-service volunteering and high touch professional development. Fellows choose a track — Single Subject Math or Science, CTE or STEMx Expert Tutoring — for the remainder of their first year, as well as their second year.

Single Subject Credential

This traditional pathway takes 12-18 months to complete, leading to credentials in traditional core subjects (i.e. math, physics, biology) for middle and high school.

CTE Credential

California’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) Credential credits industry experience and incorporates a variety of traditional and hybrid instruction for teaching specialized courses currently offered as electives in certain schools or districts.

Do your part to address inequalities in education. Don’t let zip code determine destiny.

EnCorps Fellows come from a diverse range of STEM industries, but share a core commitment to public service and teaching in high need communities.


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