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Program Pathways

EnCorps is a two year commitment, commencing in June at Summer Residential Institute or in January for Fellows who opt to begin mid-year. During the first academic semester, Fellows engage in pre-service volunteering and high touch professional development. Fellows choose a track — Single Subject Math or Science, CTE or STEMx Expert Tutoring — for the remainder of their first year, as well as their second year.

Single Subject Credential

This traditional pathway takes 12-18 months to complete, leading to credentials in traditional core subjects (i.e. math, physics, biology) for middle and high school.

CTE Credential

California’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) Credential credits industry experience and incorporates a variety of traditional and hybrid instruction for teaching specialized courses currently offered as electives in certain schools or districts.

STEMx Expert Tutoring

Expert tutors volunteer their time without a full career transition or a full-time teaching commitment. They receive placement, training, and professional development throughout the volunteer period (suggested 2 year minimum).