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One of the best ways to find out more about EnCorps is to attend one of our online informational webinars. We have webinars scheduled every other month in the fall and every month in the spring.

The next live EnCorps 101 webinar will be in fall 2017 — please watch a recording below.

The EnCorps STEM Teachers Program empowers STEM industry experts to become exceptional teachers, tutors, and educators. Heading into our 10th year of public service, we are the only nonprofit in California (or the nation) that enables STEM professionals, military veterans, and retirees to explore a career transition to teaching or volunteer tutoring in a low risk, highly supported way. In this webinar we will discuss:

  • The STEM achievement, access and literacy gaps in high-need communities and schools
  • How, as a STEM professional, you can directly impact the next generation of innovators, scientists and engineers, and are uniquely positioned to transform public STEM education
  • EnCorps’ Fellowship details – our cohort-based two year program model and the impact EnCorps Fellows are having on students
  • EnCorps application process and selection criteria
  • Next steps for interested fellowship candidates

Watch the previously recorded webinar below.