Maria Acosta



Maria is a purposeful, collaborative and influential leader with over 30 years of leading a variety of teams focused on implementing successful recruitment strategies for educational institutions, non-profit organizations and corporations. As a student recruiter and admission advisor; overseeing and creating opportunities for low-income students; overseeing a teacher credential program; opening a new technical ed campus; and being responsible for Strategy and Business Development for an Educational Tech startup; her professional experience is an asset to EnCorps’ mission and expansion efforts.  Promoting educational equity which directly impacts a student’s educational journey and closes the educational gap is at the core of Maria’s illustrious career. As a low income, first-generation college student herself, she has first-hand knowledge of the impact that is needed in our K-12 system.  Maria will lead EnCorps recruitment team as it expands its reach and continues to ignite the passion for STEM in more low-income communities. She received her Bachelor of Art in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley; her Master of Science in Counseling in Public Organizations from CSU Hayward and her Masters of Art in Educational Administration 

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