A Love Letter to Teachers

Dear Teachers, you are our heroes. Every day of this pandemic, you have blown us away with your creativity, compassion, and commitment, your tenacity and heart. You have moved mountains to reach each child, wherever they are and despite the challenges that stand in your way.

California EnCorps Teachers Changing Lives Through STEM Education

“Educating from Experience” is a new mini-documentary from WorkingNation that follows California mom Erica Parker as she transitions from her successful career in engineering to become a STEM teacher at a local high school — a pathway made possible by EnCorps STEM Teachers Program.

EnCorps Provides Teaching Path for Seasoned STEM Workers

Sometimes change is required to re-energize and spark a stalled or lack-luster career. For some in the life science industries that can mean stepping out of the laboratory and stepping into the most unlikely place of all – a classroom. But how? That’s where EnCorps can help.