At EnCorps, we challenge current educational inequalities by connecting under-resourced schools with high-
quality STEM educators to eliminate the systemic injustice preventing children of color from entering the
future STEM workforce. By recruiting, training and supporting diverse and committed STEM professionals to
volunteer and teach in communities most impacted by oppressive systems, we are able to provide
opportunities and access to quality STEM education. We will continue to create learning opportunities that
challenge assumptions and push our team to transform practices that better serve students in the communities we serve.

We Will Talk About Race

June 16, 2020

The movement for rights and humanity for Black Americans has to be the work of every American.
With the unveiling of recurring unconscionable attacks amidst a pandemic that has disproportionately impacted Black
communities, we again see the systemic racism and inequities of our American society. We acknowledge the sadness of every
loss, the weight of the hopelessness, and the anger that is felt as everyday acts sustain privilege by race and class. We stand
with our Black communities, organizations and individuals who will take action to fight all forms of racism, oppression and privilege that have sustained discriminatory systems.