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Tyran Richards
Pharmaceutical Chemist

“My greatest hope is that my students realize their worth and importance and grasp the fact that education is an important part of their future. It will lead them to opportunities that they wouldn’t have without it. I want them to know that they are capable of success no matter their background or what anyone else may have told them. I want them to realize that learning is fun. I want them to know that I am on their side.”


Michael Erickson

“To influence a student’s career and life is amazing… I realize my actions have a big impact on whether and how much they learn… It’s great actually seeing them learn. I look back and feel that my previous careers were nothing but a stepping stone to my ultimate career — teaching!”


Jamie Bascom

“To a high school student who asks me why science would be useful in their future, I would say: learning science teaches you how to be a critical and creative thinker; these are skills that will help you in any field of your choosing.”

Brian Woods

“I think I wanted to give something back to the community. I wanted to see how much difference I could make. Perhaps I am most helpful by demonstrating in class this training actually leads to a useful and fulfilling career.”

Amber Zertuche
Metrologist Engineer

“As an African-American female scientist, I recognize the dearth of diversity among my colleagues. I see teaching as a way to increase the interest in minority populations and in low income communities to foster more of a interest in scientific careers.”

Wayne Wong
Aerospace Engineer

“I look into their eyes, I say their name, I shake hands, and I say ‘Welcome to the classroom’ with each child every morning… I am a model for my students. This is an important part of being a leader.”

David Lai
Computer Programmer

“Really need to insert a quote here as she is the only Fellow without previous STEM experience or professional role described and quote on teaching experience.”

Fellow Spotlight

“More and more, the teacher I assist will hand the class over to me to teach various circuit and programming lessons. I also lead a lunchtime enrichment robotics class. I am planning to do an enrichment class at the elementary school and will be teaching robotics at a local summer camp.”

Jill is one of the Fellows taking advantage of California’s expanded CTE credentials for 8 industrial sectors, which credit the technical work experience unique to EnCorps STEM Teachers. She has served in senior level management and business development roles for emerging and high growth consumer electronics, commercial website and mobile application markets. Jill is among the 68% of EnCorps Fellows who have earned an advanced degree.

Most notably, Jill created MomMaps to alleviate her frustration in finding child friendly locations and activities while on the go. Now serving the greater SF/Bay Area and 21 other metro areas, MomMaps is an interactive online and iPhone app that uses GPS and has been featured on ABC News, BBC World News and the Champions of Change page for the White House.

Jill attended the SFUSD computer science collaborative meeting at Google with Northern California Program and Recruitment Director David Taus in February. Per David, SFUSD is “chomping at the bit” to hire her, once she has completed her credential.


  • Working with women and minorities in tech
  • Encouraging girls to pursue coding and engineering
  • Robotics


  • Boston University — Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
  • Stanford University — Master of Business Administration

Core Subject

  • Foundational Science — Grades 7–8

Credential Program: CTE (Engineering & Design)

  • July 2015–present — UC Berkeley Extension
  • June 2017 — Expected Completion

Educator Pathway

  • November 2014–May 2015
    Pre-Service Guest Teacher, Del Mar Middle School — Robotics
  • August 2015–Present
    Pre-Service Guest Teacher, Balboa High School — Information Technology

Jill Seman
EnCorps Fellow – 2015 Cohort
Marin, Northern CA