Join EnCorps STEM Teachers in California and Colorado

SPRING DEADLINE: February 26, 2020


The demand for high quality math and science teachers continues to go unmet; it is currently estimated that about 3,000 new math and science teachers are needed in California every year, and 3,500 new teachers needed in Colorado every year.


We are STEM professionals providing high quality education to close achievement gaps for students in low income communities.


We are a nonprofit that trains and supports STEM professionals, military veterans, and retirees as they embark on a career transition to teaching. Serving high needs schools since 2007, we address the pervasive and complex issues of STEM literacy, workforce development, and effective teacher preparation. EnCorps supports STEM professionals to obtain traditional teacher licensure (California single subject credentials and Colorado teacher licensure) or industry-aligned licensure (career and technical education).


What Can You Expect

•Train to teach by volunteering a minimum of 2 hours per week in a local classroom as a guest teacher.

•Receive mentorship and coaching from EnCorps staff and an experienced host teacher.

•Complete teaching exams (if applicable) with support from EnCorps.

•Access expert counseling and advice on which teacher credential/license type and program to pursue, and how to access funding for it.

•Opportunities to apply for internal scholarships.

•Engage in a robust slate of professional development and collaborate with a cohort of peers. Offerings include Summer Residential Institute in June, Fall Institute in October and Spring Institute in March – opportunities to learn and network.

•Begin full time teaching in a school district or charter network within 9 months – 2.5 years (depending on accelerated or standard route selected). Starting salaries typically range from $40,000 to $65,000.

Did You Know?

•Teachers in the United States rate their lives better than all other occupation groups, trailing only physicians.

•Mid-career teacher salaries range between $60K and $100K.

•Teachers enjoy excellent retirement and other benefits.

•Secondary teachers typically impact over 100 students each year. That’s over 1,000 students if you teach 10 years!


Applicants can apply during several application windows. Here’s what you need to know.

Submit your application by
Sept 9, 2022
Nov 11, 2022
Feb 24, 2023
May 12, 2023
Learn if you're invited to video screen
Sept 16, 2022
Nov 14, 2022
Mar 1, 2023
May 16, 2023
Final interviews
Sept 19-Oct 15, 2022
Nov 28-Dec 4, 2022
Mar 6-Mar 28, 2023
May 20-May 25, 2023
Guest teacher orientation
January 2023
January 2023
June 2023
June 2023
Guest teaching placement
January 2023
January 2023
Aug 2023
Aug 2023
Full time teaching as early as
Aug 2023
Aug 2023
Aug 2024
Aug 2024


Success Stories


Accelerated Pathway

Rosa was accepted into the EnCorps Fellowship in June. She spent one semester volunteering in a math classroom with the Incubator School, working with a mentor teacher and developing her teaching practice. In the winter, about 6 months after joining EnCorps, she began a career and technical education credential in engineering and was hired as a CTE engineering teacher with Southern California Regional Occupational Center.


Standard Pathway

Keith was accepted into the EnCorps Fellowship in the spring. He spent a full year tutoring and guest teaching at Bright Star Stella Middle Charter Academy, where he worked with a mentor teacher. About 12 months after acceptance into EnCorps, he began the UCLA Impact Residency program where he spent another year in a classroom with a mentor teacher and took coursework toward his single subject credential and master’s in education. In fall 2017 Keith began teaching chemistry and physics full time at Performing Arts Community School.


Accelerated Pathway

LaTeira was accepted into the EnCorps Fellowship in the fall. She served as a guest teacher at High Tech High North County, working with a mentor teacher that school year. In the spring she began a single subject intern credential program with Cal State Dominguez Hills, where she trained on Saturdays and throughout the summer. She began teaching biology and general science at Dymally High School in the fall, about one year after acceptance into the EnCorps Fellowship.

Do your part to address inequalities in education

EnCorps Fellows come from a diverse range of STEM industries, but share a core commitment to public service and teaching in high needs schools.

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The EnCorps team would love to hear from you. Contact us now and learn how we can help you become a teacher in California and Colorado.