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Become a Founding Cohort Member of the New York City Teaching Fellows

The Need

After 14 years of success on the west coast, EnCorps expanded to the Greater New York City Area in the summer of 2021 in partnership with the New York Academy of Sciences. New York City is often called a land of innovation and opportunity, but in a city driven by financial industry, world-class healthcare, retail and manufacturing, educational inequities are staggering.

In 2019, NYSUT Research and Educational Services reported that New York State officials estimate a need of over 180,000 new teachers over the next decade. New York City is experiencing a teacher shortage, especially in high poverty schools. From 2009 to 2019, enrollment in teacher education programs in New York state declined 53%. The over 1.1 million students in New York City need exceptional STEM teachers to inspire and prepare them to pursue their dreams.

Where We Work

Greater New York City Area





Staten Island

Subject Areas

In New York City, Teaching Fellows can earn teaching licenses in the core subjects of math, chemistry, biology, earth science and physics.

EnCorps supports traditional teacher certification routes as well as alternative routes that allow Teaching Fellows to earn their certification while teaching.