One of the best ways to find out more about EnCorps is to attend one of our online informational webinars.  We have webinars scheduled every other month in the fall and every month in the spring.

Our Next Webinar

Our next live EnCorps 101 webinar will be in fall 2016, we encourage you to listen to a previously recorded webinar below.

Learn more about the EnCorps STEM Teachers Program and how we support STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) professionals in getting involved in public education as tutors and by transitioning into careers as teachers. EnCorps’ Program and Recruitment Directors host and answer attendee questions. Items covered include:

  • The STEM achievement, access and literacy gap in high-need communities and schools
  • An overview of the need for high quality science and math teachers in California
  • EnCorps’ solution: STEM professionals
  • EnCorps cohort-based two year program model
  • EnCorps application process and selection criteria
  • Next steps for interested applicants
Recorded Webinars

Watch a previously recorded webinar here: