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What We Do

With EnCorps, you can confidently explore becoming a STEM teacher. The EnCorps STEM Teachers Program® recruits career-exploring STEM professionals interested in teaching in an under-resourced community. Once accepted into the program you are known as an EnCorps Fellow and will work with your dedicated Program Coordinator to develop an individualized plan to determine if entering the teaching profession is right for you. The STEM Teachers Program is an unpaid fellowship.

As an EnCorps Fellow you will:

  • Receive 1:1 planning and support from your Program Coordinator to navigate the teacher credentialing process
  • Volunteer guest teach for two hours per week for 10 consecutive weeks in one of EnCorps’ 250 high-needs partner schools
  • Gain access to online learning resources, workshops and attend EnCorps’ annual Learning Summit
  • Join a community of like-minded STEM professionals who believe in educational equity
  • Make a tangible difference in a student’s life by giving them an equitable, high-quality STEM education
What We Do

Your Impact

Watch video to hear why EnCorps Teachers, STEMx Tutors and Board Members believe in STEM Educational Equity. As a STEM Professional, you can make an impact by providing a high-quality STEM education to students in under-resourced community.

Where We Work

EnCorps Fellows can volunteer guest teaching in the following areas:

Greater San Francisco Bay Area
Greater Los Angeles Area /
North Orange County
Greater San Diego Area
Greater Riverside Area
Greater Sacramento Area

New York:
New York City Metropolitan Area

Who We Work With

EnCorps collaborates with a number of organizations. In addition to building relationships with teacher credentialing programs, EnCorps partners with over 250 high-needs schools in California and New York City where Fellows can complete their volunteer guest teaching.

Our selective application process and robust professional development means that our partner organizations value our candidates. They trust that you are prepared to teach STEM in an under-resourced community.

Charting a Path to Teaching

EnCorps Fellows are admitted into the program in the fall or spring and are able to chart a path to teach STEM within as little as one year. Your Program Coordinator will work with you to develop a timeline that meets your needs.

While your acceptance into the program may not coincide with an immediate guest teaching opportunity, your dedicated Program Coordinator will create an individualized plan designed to maximize learning and respect your desired timeline.


If you join the program between July and December, you begin your two hours per week volunteer guest teaching for 10 consecutive weeks in January or early February of the following year. Your mandatory guest teacher training occurs in early January.


If you become an EnCorps Fellow between January and June, your mandatory guest teacher training will be in August and your two hours per week volunteer guest teaching for 10 consecutive weeks will take place in September of that year.

Meet Your Peers

Meet your Peers

EnCorps Fellows are highly educated and we encourage a diversified pool of STEM professionals to apply to the program.

60% Masters or PhD

54% POC

59% men | 38% women |
3% other/undeclared

60% Masters or PhD

54% POC

59% men
38% women
3% other/undeclared

Educating from Experience

Listen to EnCorps Fellows explain why they became STEM teachers and how EnCorps supported them to launch their purpose-driven careers.

Learning to Teach

As an EnCorps Fellow you gain hands-on experience and access to professional development opportunities. Here is an overview of how you will learn many effective tools and strategies to help prepare you for a rewarding STEM teaching career.

During your volunteer guest teaching, you are paired with a seasoned STEM teacher in one of our 250 high-needs partner schools. You will work directly with students and have the opportunity to do a take-over day where you are responsible for planning and facilitating the day’s lesson with the support of your host teacher.

In addition to being a wonderful hands-on learning experience, guest teaching is an important networking opportunity as you explore a career as an educator.

Spending time in the classroom is at the heart of the program and helps you make an informed decision as you explore becoming a STEM teacher.
  • Google Classroom: Your professional development resources are in one easy-to-find Google Classroom. You will have access to a plethora of learning modules, and you will complete assignments and receive feedback from your Program Coordinator through this platform.Online Speaker Series and Workshops: From August through April, you will be invited to join regular online sessions led by expert presenters who will share current pedagogical practices, and discuss new strategies and the implementation of new instructional techniques. The online sessions, free to EnCorps Educators, allow for collaborative and active learning.
    As you explore our program, we encourage you to sign-up for an upcoming session. There is a $25 fee for non-EnCorps educators.

    Annual Learning Summit: In May, EnCorps Educators gather for a week-long professional development and networking event, held online and in person. Learn more about this year’s Learning Summit.

EnCorps will provide you with resources to simplify and clarify the process of selecting, applying to, and enrolling in Single Subject or Career & Technical Education (CTE) credential programs for your state.

EnCorps has put together a comprehensive and well-researched summary of credentialing program options available to you, including traditional, residency, and intern options. Your Program Coordinator will also advise and counsel you on the difference between Single Subject and CTE credentials; the steps you need to take in order to apply for a credential program; and how to access grants, scholarships, and loan forgiveness programs.

The EnCorps STEM Teachers Program is free of charge.

EnCorps Fellows are responsible for fingerprinting fees, Tuberculosis testing fee, test registration fees and fees associated with ordering transcripts.

EnCorps Fellows are also responsible for all credentialing/licensure/certification tuition, as well as all materials and textbooks required by a credentialing/licensure/certification program. EnCorps does offer scholarships to our Fellows on an application basis to cover part of their tuition.

During your volunteer guest teaching, Fellows receive a $150 travel stipend once they complete all guest teaching. We also provide a $100 stipend towards fingerprinting fees upon submission of proof of payment.

California Grant

The Golden State Teacher Grant Program awards up to $20,000 to students currently enrolled in a program approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) and working to earn their credentials. In order to qualify, you must 1) complete your program and obtain your credentials within 3 years from the start of receiving the funds and 2) commit to work at a priority school in California for 4 years within 8 years of completing your program. The full program requirements, applications as well as a list of priority schools can be found on the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) website.

EnCorps has over 250 partner schools where Fellows can complete their Volunteer Guest Teaching. Many of our partner schools are also on the California priority list, providing you with a great opportunity to build a relationship with a school that is part of the Golden State Teacher Grant Program.

Meet our Program Experts

Attend a 30-minute live Q&A with Program Coordinator

Watch a recorded information session


The EnCorps STEM Teachers Program is highly selective. Please take a moment to review the eligibility requirements and go to the Apply Today page to begin the process. To qualify as an EnCorps Fellow you must be mission-aligned and meet the following requirements:

  • You have STEM industry or education experience that you are eager to share with students
  • Hold a baccalaureate or higher degree from a regionally accredited college or university with a GPA of 2.50 or higher*
  • Do not currently have a teaching credential / license / certification in math or science in the state in which you are applying
  • Live in an area we serve:
    • California: Greater San Francisco Bay Area; Greater Los Angeles Area / North Orange County; Greater San Diego Area; Greater Riverside Area; Greater Sacramento Area
    • New York: New York City Metropolitan Area
  • Are eligible to work in the United States (US Citizen or Permanent Resident)

*In California, if your degree is not in a STEM subject you will have to pass the CSET. In NY,  you must earn 30 credits in the subject you wish to teach. Please read the FAQ for additional information.

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The joy I experienced teaching gave me the confidence that I could overcome challenges I may encounter as a public school teacher.

– Chuhyon Corwin, EnCorps Fellow, Research Scientist, and NY City Science Teacher

Believe in STEM Educational Equity

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) are at the heart of our organization. They inform the development of our programs and are integral to our culture. We invite you to read our DEI journey to understand our shared values.