What is CTE?

A Career Technical Education (CTE) classroom is one where the curriculum is designated as technical, trade, or vocational (Ca.gov). CTE provides practical learning experiences, enhances student engagement, and prepares students for diverse careers.

CTE participation leads to higher graduation rates, increased college enrollment, and greater earning potential. CTE education also prepares students to be workforce-ready by equipping them with practical skills and real-world experience.

 In 2021-2022, there were 647,608 secondary CTE participants in California. (Perkins Collaborative Research Network)

Every student in California deserves the opportunity to build real-life skills and pursue the careers they want. This funding will be a game-changer for thousands of students as the state invests in pathways to good-paying, high-need careers—including those that don’t require college degrees.

Governor Gavin Newsom

California State Support

Governor Newsom and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond announced the awarding of $470 million to 302 local educational agencies through the Golden State Pathways Program (GSPP) (California Department of Education, 2024). This funding aims to enhance student opportunities and workforce preparedness by integrating college preparatory coursework, career exploration, career technical education courses, and work-based learning.

How EnCorps Supports CTE Teachers

For nearly two decades, EnCorps has empowered STEM professionals to explore the field of education and make a meaningful impact in the lives of students. Anchored in our mission to advocate for STEM educational equity, we believe that traditionally under-represented students belong in STEM. 

Recognizing that many CTE teachers lack training in pedagogy or classroom management, leaving them unprepared for the classroom setting, EnCorps steps in to address this gap. We provide tailored training and support for STEM professionals transitioning into CTE teaching roles. Our comprehensive program covers:

  • Pedagogy and classroom management
  • Inclusive teaching practices
  • Cognitive behavior training
  • Project-based learning

New Partnership with Los Angeles Unified School District

We have partnered with Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest school district in the country, to support their CTE teachers. Funded by the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation, this two-year pilot program will train and mentor 25 new CTE teachers annually from 2024-26. The pilot aims to address the gap in CTE educator support, enhance teacher retention, and ultimately improve the learning outcomes of 10,000 students in LAUSD. We believe our training and mentoring program will have a positive impact on CTE teacher success and improve teacher retention.

EnCorps CTE Success Stories

Our collaboration with the San Diego Unified School District has trained and placed impactful CTE teachers like Raquelle Hogge, a Marine Biologist, and Jeremy Jeffries, an Aerospace Engineer. 

Why CTE for STEM Professionals?

CTE offers STEM professionals a fulfilling career change, allowing them to share industry expertise in educational settings. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a CTE Teacher, apply to EnCorps today!