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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about transitioning your STEM expertise into teaching to inspire the next generation of innovators, engineers and scientists.

Volunteers tutor for one hour, twice a week for a minimum of one semester.

It depends which tutoring option you choose. With the 1:1 tutoring, you and your student determine when you will meet virtually.  For the 2:1 tutoring, sessions take place between 2:00 and 5:00 pm. PST, Monday to Thursday.  While you are always virtual, students in the 2:1 option stay on school sites to receive in-person support with technology. 

Based on your background and experience we work with our school partner to identify the student(s) who would benefit the most from your expertise. 

Yes. As long as your volunteer commitment is in good standing, you are welcome to continue volunteering. In fact, we have found that working long-term with a student improves learning outcomes. 

While English is not the first language of all the students in our program, they all speak English and the tutoring sessions will be in English.

Your school site coordinator will provide information about the in-class curriculum being used. As a STEMx Tutor, you will have access to EnCorps’ Google Classroom where you will find additional resource materials.

Yes. The STEMx Tutors program is a 100% virtual tutoring program. 

Yes. You need to be comfortable working on Zoom and other online platforms. You should be able to share your screen, utilize the whiteboard function, and be able to address minor troubleshooting issues on your own.

You will be assigned a dedicated STEMx Tutor Program Coordinator who will provide onboarding and ongoing support. Additionally, you will be in communication with the school site coordinator and have access to the student’s math curriculum, grades, and notes from the teacher.

In addition, you will have access to the EnCorps Educator community through our Slack channel as well as be invited to participate in professional development targeted to tutoring. Go to the LEARN page for more information.

No. STEMx Tutors are volunteers. 

Please go to the Apply To Tutor page for details and to begin the process. 

You will first complete an online application with 3 short answer questions at If selected to move on to the interview, you will attend a group interview with other candidates and EnCorps staff where you will be provided more information about STEMx Tutoring, we will answer questions and you will engage in a group discussion and group dilemma.

If you can’t find our emails in your spam folder, please contact us at 

A resume is required for both the Teaching Fellowship and the STEMx Tutor program.

Yes. In fact, after tutoring for at least one semester, STEMx Tutors are eligible for a fast-track application process to become a STEM Teaching Fellow. Reach out to your Program Coordinator or go the TEACH page for more information.

Reach out to a recruiter at or visit the MEET page to attend an upcoming information session or book a call with a recruiter.

I am a STEMx Tutor because I wanted to find a way to give back to my community in a way that matched my skills and fit my schedule.

– Benjamin Morris, STEMx Tutor