Our Impact

EnCorps tracks how our programs deliver on the promise of STEM educational equity for students who lack access to a high-quality STEM education that prepares them to fully participate and take advantage of opportunities in an increasingly technical world.  Key performance indicators guide our recruitment efforts to ensure we bring to the classroom and to our virtual tutoring program, highly educated STEM professionals and STEM subject-matter experts. We also strive to diversify the teaching profession so that students can see themselves in their teachers and tutors and believe that they also belong in STEM. Please take a moment to review our Impact Data and Key Facts.

Since Our Founding in 2007

5+ year EnCorps teacher retention rate
(national average is 50%)
Number of students impacted by EnCorps educators since our first cohort in 2008
Number of educators recruited since 2007
Number of high-needs partner schools

Years of STEM Industry Experience

  • EnCorps Educators: 15

Highest Level of Education of EnCorps Educators

  • 64% Masters or PhD
  • 36% Bachelor’s Degree

Ethnicity / Race of EnCorps Educators

  • 49% White / Caucasian
  • 25% Asian
  • 9% Latinx
  • 7% Black / African American
  • 5% Other
  • 4% Multi-Racial
  • 1% Native American or Pacific Highlander

Gender Identity of EnCorps Educators

  • 55% Male
  • 42% Female
  • 3% Other / Undeclared
Our Impact-STEM professionals - Encorps- Recruiting STEM teachers and Tutors

Impact of STEMx Tutors*

Students in the STEMX Tutor Program:

Reported feeling more confident in math class
Believed they improved in math because of their EnCorps STEMx Tutor
Increased their math proficiency

*2023-2023 Academic Year