Since our founding in 2007, EnCorps has received the support of corporations, foundations and individuals who believe in our mission of STEM educational equity for students in under-resourced communities.

We thank our supporters, past and present, for their shared belief that children need equitable access to a high-quality STEM education to develop the skills and confidence they need to fully participate in an increasingly technical workforce.

Together, we are giving today’s students the ability to be tomorrow’s problem solvers.

STEM professionals - Encorps- Recruiting STEM teachers and Tutors

The EnCorps Team thanks the following funders, without whom our vital work to advance STEM education would not be possible.

STEM professionals - Encorps- Recruiting STEM teachers and Tutors

Individual Donors and Foundations

Amin Family

Richard Merkin

Julie Paluch

Ressler Gertz Family Foundation

Sherry Lansing

Miller Family Charitable Fund

Richard Sherman

Andrew Tavakoli

Jay Sures Family Foundation

Joan H. Hotches

Poizner Family

Rodgers Melnick Family Fund

Barry Munitz

Jan and Mimi Housinger

Adkins Wilcox Household

Jeff & Gisela Friedman

Vivian Ritchie Handler

Ramin Daniels

Steven Miller

Tony Dellaripa

Marc Freedman

Sudarsanam Household

Albert Lin

Jodi Cooper

Thomas Allen

Aditi Dutta

Alex M Madonik

Curtis Westerfield

Isiah Mohr

James Pflasterer

Janice Huotari

Kostrzewa Household

Arleen McGlade

Ellen Taus

James Ward

Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall

Spero Family Charitable Fund

Ward James

Heather Lattimer

Robin L. Renick

Zyanya Bejarano

Hazel and Bud Herzog

Dwight Harvey

John Pollaro

Susan MacWhorter

Thomas Bostick

Laurel Marshall

Narayanan Raju

David Frost

Stern Family Foundation

George Fleischman

Michael Morrison

Morgan Kim-Fanelli

Nancy Villa

Sikander Jain

Loring Amass

Good Street

Stanley Newhoff

Bri Gisella

Nancy Jacobsen

Stephanie Lapine

Mary Stovall

Susan Higginbottom

Paul Latterman

Ali Khoshgozaran

Gillian Carzzarella

Heather Kirkpatrick

Samuel Dolcine

Christina Miller

Keith James

Keith Cho