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Organizational History

Inspired by her early work as a public school math teacher, former Paramount Pictures CEO Sherry Lansing collaborated with Governor Schwarzenegger to launch EnCorps STEM Teachers Program in 2007 to address declining student achievement in STEM, as well as California’s critical teacher shortage by recruiting STEM professionals to begin teaching as a second career. EnCorps educators include former engineers from Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, technology professionals and computer scientists from Silicon Valley, research scientists, military service members and medical specialists.

Early success led to our selection as one of only 28 organizations invited to join the national consortium 100Kin10, tasked with enriching America’s classrooms with 100,000 excellent STEM teachers by 2021. We launched our Military Pathway in 2013 to harness the STEM expertise of armed forces veterans. Partnerships with Project Lead the Way and Linked Learning Alliance followed, as we expanded the board and added new staff members across California.

EnCorps currently transitions STEM professionals to teaching as a second career in under-resourced schools in the urban areas of Greater Los Angeles, Greater San Diego, the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Denver, and recently expanded to New York City. Fourteen years into its mission, over 1,200 EnCorps tutors, guest teachers, and full-time licensed teachers have served in more than 250 schools and organizations, impacting over 125,000 students nationwide.

EnCorps has received numerous awards and our rising success has recently been highlighted in the LA Times, the National Journal, The Atlantic, EdSource, and Inside Philanthropy, among others. EnCorps received the US2020 STEM Mentoring Award (2016), Annenberg Challenge for Innovation in Technology Award (2017), Silicon Valley Education Foundation STEM Innovation Award (2017), Carl and Roberta Deutsch Foundation HALO Award (2018), and was a Semifinalist for the Drucker Prize (2018). EnCorps is part of the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity and has partnered with multiple school districts, charter management organizations, County Offices of Education, California State Universities, as well as other NGO’s. EnCorps is focused on scaling its unique solution to address the nation’s growing STEM teacher crisis.

Train to Teach: The Impact of EnCorps

The Economic Policy Institute found in 2019 that the United States teacher shortage is real, large and growing, and worse than we thought in each of the regions EnCorps serves. The California State Universities report that California alone needs 33,000 math and science teachers over the next 10 years. The Colorado Department of Education reports that every year, Colorado comes up 3,500 teachers short of those needed in the classroom and the number is growing. In New York, enrollment in teacher preparation programs has declined 53% since 2009 and the state has identified 18 shortage subject areas. Schools with a high percentage of students of color have three times the number of shortages, while low-income schools experience twice as many shortages as the higher socioeconomic schools.


To address the STEM teacher shortage, EnCorps has been working earnestly since 2007 to recruit the best and brightest science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professionals to teaching, providing meaningful opportunities to impact students in under-resourced communities. We believe all students deserve access to a great STEM teacher, a great STEM education and all the opportunities that those can provide for them. We’re here to address the conditions limiting low-income and under-resourced student opportunities.


EnCorps STEM Teaching Fellows, who become EnCorps STEM Teachers in under-resourced schools, are connecting students to real-world math and science career and economic opportunities, preparing the STEM workforce pipeline, and transforming public education statewide. We’re proud to share a few of EnCorps’ success stories.

Story & Impact

Impact in the Classroom

95% of school partners report increases in student excitement about math or science while working with an EnCorps Fellow

95% of school partners report increases in student achievement while working with an EnCorps Fellow.

96% of school partners report increases in student conceptual understanding of math/science concepts while working with an EnCorps Fellow

Cohort Size & Credentials

Teachers of Color, Military Veterans, and Acceptance Rate

44.7% of EnCorps Fellows identify as teachers of color, compared to 18% teachers of color nationally.

108 Military Veterans

EnCorps has transitioned 100 military veterans into the classroom since 2007.


Approximately 13% of those who apply are accepted into the EnCorps Fellows program.


Impact on the STEM Teacher Crisis

EnCorps teachers stay in the classroom, boasting an 88% 5-year teacher retention rate, compared to nearly 50% of teachers that remain in CA low-income districts in the first 5 years of teaching.