Amy Kim holds a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Chicago and has 13 years of leadership experience with nonprofits focused on increasing diversity in the science, technology, engineering and math fields.

EnCorps Inc, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that supports science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) professionals to explore STEM teaching or volunteer as virtual middle school math tutors with the goal of increasing math and science proficiency, appoints Amy Kim as new Executive Director. Kim brings to the organization over 13 years of nonprofit leadership experience with organizations focused on increasing diversity in STEM. Prior to EnCorps, Kim was Executive Director with Graduate Fellowships for STEM Diversity, a nonprofit providing fellowships to science and engineering graduate students from under-represented groups. She was the Chief Operating Officer at Technovation, a technology and engineering education nonprofit that empowers girls to become future leaders and problem-solvers. In addition, Kim held leadership positions with the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering and Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles. Kim is a trained physical chemist with a Ph.D from the University of Chicago. 

According to Kim, “STEM professionals have the technical, problem-solving as well as the leadership skills they need to enter the teaching profession and be part of the solution to our nation’s alarming low math and science proficiency. Our role at EnCorps is to provide opportunities and support for scientists and engineers to connect with our communities and our schools.”

EnCorps Offering

The EnCorps STEM Teachers Program® is designed for STEM professionals and STEM subject-matter experts interested in charting a path to teaching STEM in a high-needs school. The goal of the program is to tackle the national STEM teachers shortage and the lack of math proficiency for students in under-resourced schools and communities. 

The EnCorps STEMx Tutors Program provides STEM professionals and college students the opportunity to share their math expertise with students in under-resourced middle schools who may lack equitable access to a high-quality STEM education. The goal is to increase math proficiency and confidence so that students who are traditionally under-represented in STEM can pursue high-school and college math and science curriculum.

About EnCorps, Inc.
Founded in 2007, EnCorps Inc. is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit with operations in California as well the greater Denver, Colorado and New York City areas. EnCorps connects highly effective STEM educators with public school students to counter the systemic injustice preventing children in under-resourced communities from accessing a high-quality STEM education. The EnCorps STEM Teachers Program® recruits, selects and supports STEM professionals and experts in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields as well as individuals who possess an advanced STEM degree to transition to teaching as an innovative, long-term solution to the STEM teacher shortage and to counter the alarming lack of math proficiency of middle and high school students nationwide. The EnCorps STEMx Tutors Program matches middle school students, currently under-performing in math, with volunteer STEM professionals, subject-matter experts and STEM college students to increase math skills and confidence prior to students entering high school. EnCorps is pronounced like the word encore. It sounds like ahn-kor!