LOS ANGELES, CA – April 4, 2023 – EnCorps Inc, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit with a 15 year history of advocating for STEM educational equity, launches a new website. The new site features the nonprofit’s new brand colors and logo as well as revised mission and vision statements and core values that reflect the much-needed and evolving work ahead to provide middle and high school students in under-resourced communities equitable access to a high-quality STEM education. EnCorps staff, board members and strategic partners collaborated to revise the brand messaging through the lens of the new tagline: IGNITE A PASSION FOR STEM. 

“Celebrating our 15th anniversary created the perfect opportunity to reflect on who EnCorps is and what we stand for,” explains Katherine Wilcox, EnCorps Executive Director. “We work today with the same sense of urgency and purpose as we did when we launched EnCorps. In fact, our work has never been more important.”

There is a nationwide STEM teachers shortage with school districts struggling to find and retain qualified STEM educators. In addition, only 27% of eighth grade students nationwide are proficient in math; 14% of Latinx/Hispanic and 9% of Black/African American students meet eighth grade math standards. (Source)

The EnCorps STEM Teachers Program® is an innovative way to tackle the teacher shortage and low math scores. STEM Professionals and subject-matter experts in the program, known as EnCorps Fellows, are highly effective educators who bring real-world experience to the classroom. EnCorps STEMx Tutors, who are also science, technology, engineer and math experts, virtually tutor middle school math so that students are prepared and have the confidence to tackle STEM curriculum in high school and college. 84% of students in the STEMx Tutors Program increased their math proficiency in the 2021-22 academic year.

About EnCorps, Inc.

Founded in 2007, EnCorps Inc. is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit with operations in California as well the greater Denver, Colorado and New York City areas. EnCorps connects highly effective STEM educators with public school students to counter the systemic injustice preventing children in under-resourced communities from accessing a high-quality STEM education. The EnCorps STEM Teachers Program® recruits, selects and supports STEM professionals and experts in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields as well as individuals who possess an advanced STEM degree to transition to teaching as an innovative, long-term solution to the STEM teachers shortage and to counter the alarming lack of math proficiency of middle and high school students nationwide. The EnCorps STEMx Tutors Program matches middle school students, currently under-performing in math, with volunteer STEM professionals, subject-matter experts and STEM college students to increase math skills and confidence prior to students entering high school.