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EnCorps STEM Teachers Program: During our virtual information session, you will meet the EnCorps team members dedicated to supporting your transition to STEM teaching; you will understand the program requirements and options; and you’ll have the chance to interact with fellow STEM professionals, like you, who are exploring the opportunity to teach STEM in an under-resourced school in California, Denver, Colorado and New York City areas. Register Today!

EnCorps STEMx Expert Tutors Program: Share your passion for math! As a volunteer EnCorps STEMx Expert Tutor you have the opportunity to virtually teach a middle school student for one hour, twice a week for two consecutive semester. Tutors in the program are having an incredible impact on student learning: 84% of students in the program increased their math proficiency in the 2021-22 academic year. You can make a real difference! Register for an upcoming session, watch a recording, or apply today!

EnCorps STEM Teachers Program - Virtual Session

EnCorps STEMx Expert Tutors - Virtual Session

Info Session: EnCorps STEM Teaching Fellowship
Thursday, December 1, 2022
6:00-7:00PM PST / 9:00-10:00PM EST

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The EnCorps STEM Teaching Fellowship transitions professionals from science, tech, engineering and math-based careers to careers as middle and high school teachers in under-resourced schools in California, Colorado and New York. The Fellowship is an innovative approach that begins with volunteer guest teaching, in person and online training, a cohort of peers and support to earn a teaching credential and get hired in one of our many partner schools. In our Q & A Sessions we discuss:

•The STEM opportunity, access and literacy gaps in under-resourced schools

•How, as a STEM professional, you can directly impact the next generation of innovators, scientists and engineers, and are uniquely positioned to transform public STEM education

•EnCorps’ Fellowship details – our cohort-based program model and the impact EnCorps Fellows are having on students

•Next steps for interested candidates

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