Beyond 100k


100Kin10 is a national network committed to solving one of our country’s most pressing challenges – giving kids a great STEM education – by adding 100,000 more, excellent STEM teachers to America’s classrooms by 2021.

Our Commitment:

  • By 2027, EnCorps will recruit 1,000 STEM professionals to transition to teaching into high needs schools. The State of California has awarded EnCorps funding to assist in our capacity to expand our program and recruitment reach–expanding our focus from Los Angeles, the Greater Bay Area and San Diego counties to include where we expect demand will increase: Riverside, San Bernardino, Sacramento, San Joaquin and Kern counties.
  • EnCorps maintains a goal of 85% 5 year EnCorps teacher retention rate in Title I schools.
  • EnCorps maintains a recruitment goal of 50% of teacher candidates recruited in the current fiscal year are people of color with a focus on Latinx and Black and African American STEM professionals.
  • EnCorps’ recruitment, program orientation, training, and ongoing professional development are designed to build effective educator and student relationships using culturally appropriate tools and techniques.
You Belong In STEM


YOU Belong in STEM is a US Department of Education Initiative launched by the Biden-Harris Administration to help implement and scale equitable, high-quality STEM education for all students from PreK to higher education—regardless of background— to ensure their 21st century career readiness and global competitiveness.

Our Commitment:

  • EnCorps STEM Teachers Program®: By January 2025, EnCorps will recruit and support 400 STEM professionals to transition to teaching into under-served public schools in low income communities.
  • EnCorps STEMx Tutors Program: By January 2025, EnCorps will expand the STEMx Tutor Program beyond the public charter middle schools in Los Angeles, CA and Denver, CO.
You Belong In STEM


The Education Trust—West is a nonprofit educational equity organization focused on educational justice and closing achievement and opportunity gaps from preschool through college through research, data, policy analysis, and advocacy.

Our Commitment:

  • EnCorps supports Education Trust-West’s policy work focused on education equity.
  • EnCorps signs letter of opposition to a proposed cut of $400 million to the Golden State Pathway Program. Read the June 2023 letter.
You Belong In STEM


EdVoice is working to reshape public education in California so that children from low-income homes have a better chance at a happy life. 

Our Commitment

  • EnCorps advocates for STEM educational equity. We commit to adding our voice in support of legislation and policies that provide California students with equitable access to a high-quality education.
You Belong In STEM


The Children’s Movement of California® is demonstrating unprecedented support for children’s issues both in numbers and diversity from communities across California. By speaking in one voice on behalf of kids, The Movement builds the necessary pressure to move the needle on children’s health, education, and welfare policies.

Our Commitment

  • As one of the 5,000 members of the Children Now campaign, EnCorps supports campaigns related to educational equity.
You Belong In STEM


The mission of the New York Academy of Sciences is to drive innovative solutions to society’s challenges by advancing scientific research, education and policy. 

Our Commitment

  • EnCorps and NYAS have partnered to strengthen the STEM teacher pipeline in the New York City area.


EnCorps support educational equity legislation.

  • SB 691 – Early Screening for Risk of Dyslexia

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Leading Equity Center


Dr. Sheldon Eakins is passionate about helping educators accomplish equitable practices in their schools. He has earned a B.S. degree in Social Science Education, an M.S. degree in Educational Leadership, and a Ph.D. in K-12 Education.

To learn more about Dr. Eakins’ work: Leading Equity Center; Leading Equity Podcast

Our Commitment:

  • EnCorps is committed to providing educators with learning opportunities to create inclusive and equitable classrooms. Dr. Eakins has hosted several online professional development sessions, including Framing Brave Conversations About Race & Ethnicity and Addressing Racial Slurs in School & Curriculum.
  • In addition, Dr. Eakins had led EnCorps staff through a two-hour session focused on restorative and courageous conversation strategies. The goal of the session was to equip staff with strategies to engage in difficult conversations and protocols for creating brave spaces.