STEMx Recruiter

Ashley joined EnCorps in the Fall of 2021 as the STEMx Tutor Recruiter. She is a Los Angeles native who currently resides in North Orange County, CA. Ashley has over 8 years of experience working in both higher education and K-12. Prior to joining EnCorps, Ashley worked for a local non-profit charter school working as a Senior Support Advisor, her work was centered around helping high school seniors fulfill graduation requirements while also teaching classes on career readiness, resume building, and networking. Before her time as a Senior Support Advisor, Ashley worked for Cypress College as a Peer Assistance Leader, focusing on acclimating college freshmen on college protocol and procedures while also building opportunities for educational equity. Ashley’s past positions have shaped and molded her interest in recruiting STEMx Tutors that equally want to provide high-quality tutoring and mentoring to socioeconomically disadvantaged students. Ashley holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Long Beach State University and a preliminary Single Subject Credential in Social Sciences.

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