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EnCorps and Sony Pictures Entertainment Executives Take the Stage at TECH UP FOR WOMEN™ to Discuss STEM Education

At TECH UP FOR WOMEN™ in New York City, Sherry Lansing, Founder and Current Board Chair at EnCorps and CEO of The Sherry Lansing Foundation, is joined on stage by Stacy Green, EVP and Chief People Officer at Sony Pictures Entertainment to discuss how EnCorps’ unique STEM Teachers Program is enriching STEM education.

The EnCorps STEM Teachers Program recruits and supports science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professionals to transition to STEM teaching in underresourced schools.

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EnCorps Awarded $2.8M State Grant

EnCorps Is Awarded $2.8M California STEM Teacher Recruitment Grant

The EnCorps STEM Teachers Program was recently awarded a four year $2.8M California STEM Teacher Recruitment Grant. With the additional funding, EnCorps aims to transition 700 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) professionals on a path to teaching in Title 1 schools, focusing on districts with a high number of disadvantaged students and the highest demand for STEM teachers.

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STEM Teaching Fellowship expands to New York City

EnCorps Expands STEM Teaching Fellowship to New York City

The EnCorps STEM Teachers Program has expanded the STEM Teaching Fellowship to New York City! In partnership with the New York Academy of Sciences, EnCorps will be recruiting, preparing and supporting outstanding STEM professionals as they transition to teaching to close achievement gaps for students in low income communities.

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EnCorps Welcomes New Board Member Steve Poizner

Renowned Silicon Valley entrepreneur, venture capitalist, former California Insurance Commissioner and White House Fellow, as well as co-founder of the California Charter Schools Association, EdVoice, and founder of the Healthcare Consumer Rights Foundation brings a wealth of experience and vision to EnCorps.

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Industry Leaders Make an Impact on Computer Science Access and Equity

California is a leader in the tech economy, and yet, just 39% of California schools offer computer science education and there are large equity gaps in access. EnCorps Teacher, Joshua Stempel, recently began the Fellow-Led Computer Science Community of Practice to focus on translating Fellows’ real-world STEM experience into engaging and equitable computer science pedagogy.

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A Love Letter to Teachers

Dear Teachers, you are our heroes. Every day of this pandemic, you have blown us away with your creativity, compassion, and commitment, your tenacity and heart. You have moved mountains to reach each child, wherever they are and despite the challenges that stand in your way.

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EnCorps Provides Teaching Path for Seasoned STEM Workers

Sometimes change is required to re-energize and spark a stalled or lack-luster career. For some in the life science industries that can mean stepping out of the laboratory and stepping into the most unlikely place of all – a classroom. But how? That’s where EnCorps can help.

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