Katherine (Kat) Dews is excited to contribute to EnCorps’ important mission! She looks forward to challenging inequities in education by increasing access to high quality STEM education for under-served communities. Kat studied Psychology and had an extensive research career at Occidental College. She has experienced firsthand the importance of visibility and access to educators of color in STEM. At Occidental, Kat participated in research focusing on mental health and emotional health, including behavioral studies using rats to reveal patterns that can be extended to humans. Her studies also led her to be the first author of a published study in an international journal. As a Black woman with experience in STEM, she is passionate about closing the gaps in BIPOC populations in STEM professions. Kat spent two years on the recruiting team at The Trevor Project, ensuring hiring practices maintained its lens on diversity, equity, and inclusion. This included trainings on implicit bias, strategic sourcing practices, and using data to constantly improve the hiring process. This experience in recruiting for a nonprofit with a strong mission led her to EnCorps, where Kat looks forward to bringing in excellent STEM Professionals who are mission aligned to provide high quality education to students.

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